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Sleep disorders in children

How special mattresses relieve family life

It's quite normal that small babies first have to learn to sleep through the night. But when children simply can't fall asleep in the evening, even long after their first year of life, or keep waking up at night, it becomes a test of endurance. For many parents and pediatricians, treatment with medication is out of the question because of possible side effects. New special mattresses are now designed to help affected girls and boys find their way to sleep naturally.

Finally sleep through thanks to slumber star

How therapy mattresses can help desperate families

Many parents feel left alone when it comes to children's sleep disorders. Treatment methods and offers of help often only target the symptoms, but not their actual causes. The watchword is "hang in there." - It's a grueling situation that can break many families in the long run. What many parents do not know: New therapy mattresses now offer effective help to children with and without handicaps. A report from the perspective of 10-year-old Lisa.

Do you know the fairy tale of the princess on the pea? Although she sleeps on lots of heavenly soft mattresses, she notices that something is wrong with her bed and keeps waking up. To find out if she is a real, super sensitive princess, the prince's mom has hidden a pea there. In the end, everything turns out fine. The princess is allowed to marry the handsome prince - precisely because she is so sensitive. In real life, things are somehow different.

My mom would never hide a pea in my bed, of course. She doesn't have to, because I still can't sleep as well as other children. Not that you think I'm a princess now. I'm just a normal girl who goes to the fourth grade in Berlin. But I am a little different from the other students. When I was little, I had a terrible headache one day. I can't remember it. But my parents say that I had to go to the hospital for a long time and that's why the left side of my body still doesn't function normally. You can see that when I walk, but it also causes me problems when I sleep. I can't turn over so well when something is pressing and often my arms and legs fall asleep. Before, when we lived in the village, I often woke up and everything hurt. Unfortunately, we have not found a medicine that helps against this. Because Mom and Dad couldn't sleep well either because of this, it was very stressful for all of us. Actually, we felt tired all day every day.

In my old school, I was always the girl with the thick circles under my eyes. I never thought that would change again. But then we moved to Berlin. And we changed pediatricians. Our new pediatrician is very nice and knows his stuff. He told us how important healthy sleep is so that you can process everything that happens during the day and you stay healthy. In fact, if you don't sleep as well, you can't grow as well. That scared me because I was already the smallest in my class before.

Our pediatrician also showed mom and dad the Schlummerstern mattress on the computer. It has already helped many children in Berlin to sleep better through the night. Even when they have more problems than I do or can't move at all. The mattress is nice and soft on the outside. Inside, it has lots of mini springs. They notice every little movement of mine when I sleep and give a mini impulse back to my body. This means that even sensitive and sick children can fall asleep super comfortably on the mattress and wake up much less at night. Mom thought that this also sounded a bit like a fairy tale. But luckily the nice pediatrician convinced her.

I've had my slumber star mattress for almost two years now. The fact that I wake up at night happens only very rarely. In the morning, all three of us are in a much better mood. Mom and Dad also argue less than they used to. But maybe they're just so happy that I'm going to have another little brother or sister in four months. I'm sure they'll sleep great then, because they'll have a slumber star mattress right from the start.

14 days at home free of charge & without obligation trial sleep!

To ensure that you and your child wake up on the safe side, you can use the ThevoPut Schlummerstern through its paces for 14 days. Sleep and your child test and get to know the positive properties of the mattress.

10 tips

for the healthy sleep of children

  • Set limits for your children as a matter of principle, especially when it comes to falling asleep you should be consistent

  • Together with your children, develop bedtime rituals that both children and parents can get along with

  • Give your children a sense of security (you are always there if something is)

  • Create a sleeping environment for your child that meets the child's needs for well-being and security

  • The sleeping area is not a fairground - make sure it is secure and not too distracting with toys, lamps, etc.

  • Scary games or TV shows should actually not be consumed at all and especially not before bedtime

  • Pay attention to your children's fears, even if you don't address them openly, and try to eliminate scary factors

  • Disharmonies, stress, quarrels, money worries, within the family, children perceive all this. Therefore, talk to your children about it to keep fear factors as low as possible

  • Use the knowledge of experts, many parents have already helped guide books from the bookstore, such as the classic "Every child can sleep"

  • In severe cases, you should consult a sleep specialist. More and more pediatric clinics offer special information in this area.